Hi, I'm Zoe!
Isn't being outside great? There is nothing better than spending time in the garden on a sunny day. Then again, a rainy day means that my plants will get much needed water to make them grow bigger! When I am not in my garden, I love walking around my family's farm, where I live. There are so many animals and I am always finding new things to explore. When I grow up I will be a botanist, or scientist that studies plants. This job will allow me to spend time outside hiking and collecting specimens, much like what I already do.
Fun Facts About Me:
  • I have a twin sister named Hailey and an older brother. He takes care of all the animals on the farm.
  • My dad is a carpenter. While he's not too helpful in the garden, he helped me build my greenhouse and flower boxes.
  • Last year, my dad and I built a compost bin. When we have dinner scraps and dead leaves from the garden, we put them in the bin. Over time, they decompose and the result is a great, nature fertilizer for my garden!
  • My mom owns the flower shop in town. You can often find flowers and vegetables from my garden for sale there!