Mighty Makers
Build big ideas with Mighty Makers®, a line of engineering toys for girls aimed to empower girls through stimulating STEAM themed building sets!

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Home Designer™ Building Set

Build your dream house from the ground up with Brianna and Sophia in the Home Designer™ Building Set from Mighty Makers®.

Jess' Jammin' Garage Building Set

Rock out with Jess and her gerbil, Pi, with the Jess' Jammin' Garage Building Set from Mighty Makers®.

Hailey's Star Gazing Adventure Building Set

Gaze off into the night sky with Hailey, and her bunny, Stella, in the Hailey's Star Gazing Adventure Building Set from Mighty Makers®!

Marissa's Turtle Tours Building Set

Save the turtles with Marissa and her turtle, Scooter, in the Marissa's Turtle Tours Building Set, from Mighty Makers®.

Building Toys for Girls

Here at K'NEX®, we are dedicated to providing stimulating STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) building toys for girls. Through creative, engineering-focused building sets, the exclusive K'NEX line of STEM toys for girls encourages girls to build big ideas and create whatever they can imagine. Each of these building sets for girls helps builders gain a competitive advantage in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM).

The building sets include K’NEX rods and connectors, allowing each girl builder to bring her creative and imaginative models to life. Regardless of skill level, every builder will find success with these building toys for girls. With sets spanning all our K’NEX product lines, even our preschool building sets, you are sure to find an enjoyable, engineering-driven experience for your creative girls. Encourage girls’ interests in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) by purchasing creative building toys sets today.

Toys for Girls

Girls can do anything they set their minds to. They should notice this in all aspects of their young lives, even in their toys. K’NEX toys for girls encourage young minds to play, create, and eventually pursue anything they want. With these toys, girls can build a skyscraper from the ground up and develop the confidence to know that they can apply these same techniques to their real lives.

Our building toys for girls teach them that toys are not gender-specific. Girls are not limited to playing with certain types of toys. They can create masterpieces out of rods and connectors that they can be proud of. They may even discover that they want a career in the architecture or building field. If not, they’ll still develop a sense of confidence that shows them that they can complete any project that they are passionate about.

Young girls deserve toys that can enrich their minds and inspire them. Girls can create buildings, animals, vehicles, and much more with our building toy sets as well as add their personal touch to any creation. Ultimately, K’NEX will help girls learn more about confidence, creativity, precision, engineering, and many more important and valuable life skills.


These toys will prepare girls with the knowledge they need to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, or mathematics. They will develop a comprehensive skill set to help them in school and prepare them for their future. While these toys primarily sharpen their engineering and building skills, they will also give girls knowledge about other fields.


K’NEX will inspire the minds of young scientists. Girls will unknowingly be applying the laws of physics to every piece they create. They will learn about the basics of gravity, weight, and much more. They will have to use strategy to determine why their creation is able to stay standing and as they continue to play, they will develop a basic understanding of the sciences.


When girls play with K’NEX, they are creating a new piece of technology. As girls create planes and ferris wheels, they are learning about the basics of technology and all factors that go into making something from nothing.


These toys will teach girls about the beginning steps of building and engineering. They will understand architecture and what goes into creating a structure. With K’NEX, every piece needs to be supported by another piece; and the same applies to the world of engineering. Girls will take a series of rods and connectors and turn it into a functioning structure. Your little engineers will be inspired and motivated to apply these techniques to real life and work with their hands to cultivate new creations.


Every new creation is a piece of art. Though engineering and art usually don’t go hand-in-hand, they do with K’NEX. Girls will become aware of their artistic abilities. They are creating a beautiful piece of art to display for the world to see. This will help them to advance their fine art skills and work with other mediums to create sculptures, drawings, and more. These toys give girls an opportunity to do more than put pieces together; they will be making an artistic masterpiece. This can inspire them to create more pieces of art in other areas of their lives. They will be learning equally about the principles of building and the freedom and creativity they possess.


Building K’NEX structures prepare girls with a basic knowledge of mathematics. They will have to count all pieces to make sure they have enough and add them together before even beginning to build. They have to verify that they have a specific number of each type of piece, so they have to count and separate the pieces to start. Each step also requires a certain amount of each piece. While they’re preparing to build, they’ll be applying mathematics skills without even realizing it.

Creativity for All Ages

K’NEX building toys are appropriate for girls of all ages. Ages 3-16+ can find the perfect set for them that will allow them to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Whether you have a small toddler who just wants to play or a preteen that wants to learn more about the sciences, K’NEX is the perfect toy that they won’t outgrow. We have age-specific sets that highlight the objects girls will want to create and the average skillset that comes with their age. These sets begin with large, soft pieces for toddlers with creative minds and end with complex structures that require critical thinking and an engineering strategy.

Engineering Toys

K’NEX gives girls the skills they need to pursue a career in engineering and many other fields. While they think they’re simply creating a toy, they will be sharpening many areas of their minds. These engineering toys inspire girls to know they can do anything they set their minds to with determination, strategic thinking, and attention to detail. While they’re learning, they will be making something beautiful that they can proudly have on display for years to come. Encourage your girls to learn more about the foundations of STEAM by getting them a K’NEX set to inspire them to design, create, and think!